Lot 194

Price Realized:  $908
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CD 132.4 PATENT - DEC. 19, 1871, Fizzy "Limey" Green (previously "Lime Green"); Chambers companion! Color Update
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Lot 194: CD 132.4 PATENT - DEC. 19, 1871  Color: Fizzy "Limey" Green (previously "Fizzy Lime Green")  Description: Please read our discussion of the color green. The piece is in great shape and we have not seen a "fizzy" one like this so we are not adjusting the estimate. The CD 132.4 and CD 317 form the Chambers lightning rod system. Known as the "Chambers' Companion," the CD 132.4 was produced from a modified CD 132 mold. 1/2" flat chip and a little flaking on the flange. The riser groove is often heavily damaged, and this one is in outstanding condition, as can be seen in view 3. Adding to the insulator's desirability, the piece is filled with microbubble "fizz", giving it a somewhat translucent appearance. The December 19, 1871 patent date indicates the insulator was produced by the Hemingray Glass Company. A nice "companion" piece to lot 191 and lot 190. Considering color and condition, this has to be one of the best ones around!
Estimate: $750 - $950  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $908

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