Lot 191

Price Realized:  $1,018
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CD 317 CHAMBERS, Bright Fizzy Green; A great candlestick! (Color update)
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Lot 191: CD 317 CHAMBERS  Color: Bright Fizzy Green (previously "Bright Fizzy Lime Green"); Color Update  Description: Please read our discussion of the color green. The estimate has been changed from $1,500 - $2,000 to $1,250 - $1,750. Nicknamed the "Candlestick", this insulator was used along with the "Chambers' Companion" (CD 132.4 as can be seen in lot 194) as part of the lightning rod system patented by Josephus C. Chambers on August 14, 1877. 3/8" open bubble on the flange. This may have been used as a doorstop in that there is light scuffing on the bottom and the flange. Typically, the saddle groove on these is chipped. This one is virtually perfect! This example is also remarkably free of visually distracting heavy annealing lines in the pinhole and below it. The insulator is in really amazing condition, and the bright, glowing color really pops!
Estimate: $1,250 - $1,750  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,018

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