Lot 191

Price Realized:  $88
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{Porcelain Spool} ST.L.MALL., Chocolate Brown; Less common than their glass counterparts!
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Lot 191: {Porcelain Spool} ST.L.MALL.  Color: Chocolate Brown  Description: This No 30 insulator was produced for the St. Louis Malleable Casting Company of St. Louis, MO. Note there is no numbering system for porcelain spools, as they are not pintype insulators. However, one can see that the profile is virtually identical to the glass CD 1052s in lot 171 and lot 170. These porcelain spools are less common than their glass counterparts. A nice example of this odd style, and in excellent condition!
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $88

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