Lot 170

Price Realized:  $187
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CD 1052 D-518 {Hemingray product}, Yellow Amber Blackglass; Unique item for the Hemingray collector!
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Lot 170: CD 1052 D-518 {Hemingray product} [010]  Color: Yellow Amber Blackglass  Description: This is a Hemingray spool that very likely came from the dump; it has that typical "dump" look with some mild etching, dings and flakes. Many of these units are embossed "HEMINGRAY" but this one is simply embossed "D-518" on the front. It is also unusual in that there is an unbroken "window" at the top of the pinhole. About a 1" chip on the lower wire ridge. The color of this example is especially unusual in that none of the other CD 1052s are found in any color even close to this. While it is blackglass, it will definitely stand out in your lineup of CD 1052 spools. A unique item for the Hemingray collector!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $187

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