Lot 104

Price Realized:  $935
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CD 162 H.G.CO., Electric Peacock Blue; "Tweener" color in outstanding condition!
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Lot 104: CD 162 H.G.CO. [070]  Color: Electric Peacock Blue  Description: This shade of Peacock Blue has some Electric Blue overtones that make it a "tweener" between a True Peacock Blue and Electric Blue. In the rear you can see a "double bubble", neither of which is open nor affects the drip points. The insulator appeared mint, but after very close scrutiny for several minutes a tiny slice on one of the drip points was discovered. For a CD 151 with a similar color see lot 89. For an Electric Blue signal see lot 103. An unusual color, especially in this amazing and outstanding condition!
Estimate: $700 - $800  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $935

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