Lot 89

Price Realized:  $688
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CD 151 H.G.CO., Electric Peacock Blue w/ Red Zigzag; Unusual color with an oddity!
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Lot 89: CD 151 H.G.CO. [030]  Color: Electric Peacock Blue w/ Red Zigzag  Description: What sets this apart from other insulators of this color is a brick red "zigzag" streak at the left mold line! This is the first time we have seen this characteristic in any of the pieces we have sold over the years. We have a second example in our own personal collection and it is a quite unusual feature. This shade of Peacock Blue has some Electric Blue overtones that make it a "tweener" between a True Peacock Blue and Electric Blue. 1/2" base chip at left mold line, 8-drip-point wide bruise at right mold line, several missing and flaked drip points. This is a more unusual color than is typically encountered, and even more unique with the brick red "zigzag" in the skirt!
Estimate: $800 - $1,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $688

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