Lot 136

Price Realized:  $66
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CD 282 HEMINGRAY, Aqua w/ Amber Swirls; No 2 Provo with nice swirling!
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Lot 136: CD 282 HEMINGRAY  Color: Aqua w/ Amber Swirls  EIN: [020]  Description: Swirls are something you don't often encounter in "No 2 Provo" units! 1" wire ridge chip on the rear, 1/8" dome ding, otherwise about very near mint. You can see amber swirling throughout the insulator from the dome to the skirt. It can be seen that this "triple petticoat" insulator has two inner skirts and an outer skirt; however, the April 25, 1899 patent by Vernon G. Converse also referenced "horizontal petticoats", which are what we refer to today as wire ridges. This style was rated at 10,000 volts in literature of the time. The "No 1 Provo" offered in lot 135 was rated at 25,000 volts. This is certainly a colorful example when compared with the basic Aqua units!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $66

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