Lot 135

Price Realized:  $578
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CD 283 HEMINGRAY, Hemingray Blue Aqua; No 1 Provo in outstanding condition!
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Lot 135: CD 283 HEMINGRAY  Color: Hemingray Blue Aqua  EIN: [020]  Description: Perfect drip points! In fact, when we look over the entire insulator, we don't see any damage at all, not even flaking at the base of the threads or the typical roughness at the base of the skirt. Exceptional condition, especially given the hard life these insulators led. The style number is "No 1 Provo" and this example has the characteristic "fizz" of Hemingray Blue, although a purist might not call it True Hemingray Blue. On April 25, 1899, Vernon G. Converse was granted a design patent for the "Provo" type insulators, specifically mentioning the "horizontal petticoats" (ridges), the "vertical petticoats" (inner skirts) and the "shield" (outer skirt). The insulator was rated at 25,000 volts in literature of the time. See lot 136 for a really nice swirly "No 2 Provo!" This "No 1 Provo" is certainly worth a premium for its outstanding condition!
Estimate: $200 - $250  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $578

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