Bill and Jill Insulators Catalog Auction 158
Auction Status: Closed
Closed: Sunday, October 23, 2022 at 10:00 pm Eastern Time

Thank you all for your participation!

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Bill and Jill Auction 158 insulators
This auction features a great selection of items including a CD 257 jade electric blue, swirled electric blue and green w/ amber swirls; CD 145's including an America in mustard yellow, HGCo's in amber, pea soup, and depression green; CD 162s including a Hemingray in true yellow and a smooth base in green; a large assortment of CD 106 Hemingray; power including CD 140 and 269 JUMBOs, CD 307, and CD 281 in Carnival; CD 701.6 "Confederate egg" in translucent Aqua; CD 740.1 Bubbly, snowy Aqua; CD 143 Montreal in Green; uncommon CDs such as CD 113.2 DUQUESNE and CD 110.6 "Large Corkscrew"; an assortment of foreign glass and porcelain insulators; Hickock's LRI, L.S. Brach radio strain w/ a cobalt streak; go-withs such as a 22 lb chuck of opalescent glass and a wooden duplex pin. In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!

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