Lot 237

Price Realized:  $176
Whitall Tatum "Salesman's Sample" {CD 154 style}, Clear; A neat item for any collection!
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Lot 237: Whitall Tatum "Salesman's Sample" {CD 154 style}  Color: Clear  Description: 1 3/8" diameter and 1 1/2" tall. Strongly embossed "WHITALL TATUM Co" on the front, with their triangular logo in the rear. Outstanding condition! Although these items are often referred to as "salesman's samples", they are believed to have been trade show giveaways in the mid 1920s, and might even have been pressed at the show itself. A really neat item for the specialist or the generalist! This is quite a small insulator. It is shown actual size next to a standard CD 154 Whitall Tatum in the main view.
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $176

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