Lot 101

Price Realized:  $1,018
CD 122 HEMINGRAY-16, White Milk; Amazing color and super rare! A Hemingray dump special!
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Lot 101: CD 122 HEMINGRAY-16  Color: White Milk  Description: 1/2" skirt chip in the front, 3/4" wire ridge chip in the rear, some roughness on the glass. This was no doubt a Hemingray dump item, and given its history, it is really in quite good condition. The first comment a Hemingray collector might make when seeing this piece is "WOW, AMAZING!" as few people have even seen one of these. Hemingray made several white milk glass experimental styles including the scarce CD 128 (see lot 100), the rare CD 168, and the extremely rare CD 154 and CD 122. This is truly a very special insulator that seldom comes up for sale. Don't miss this chance!
Estimate: $800 - $1,000  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,018

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