Lot 100

Price Realized:  $319
CD 128 HEMINGRAY_CS // E_14B, White Milk; Clean and shiny with no staining!
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Lot 100: CD 128 HEMINGRAY_CS // E_14B  Color: White Milk  Description: Some base chipping, 1/2" ridge chip. This insulator most likely came from the Hemingray dump. Most have a "chalky" surface, but this one is clean and shiny. It appears to have been difficult to anneal these correctly, and many examples are slumped. This unit retains the normal CD 128 profile. This example is quite clean, without the often-seen heavy pitting and brown stains. These are rarely seen for sale in any condition, and given the rarity, color, shape and condition of this piece, you may not see an example as nice as this for a very long time! See lot 101 for a white milk CD 122, and don't pass either of these by!
Estimate: $500 - $750  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $319

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