Lot 97

Price Realized:  $1,155
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CD 154 ZICME, Rich Turquoise w/ Blue and Amber Streaks; Simply stunning color! Hard to capture in a photo!
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Lot 97: CD 154 ZICME  Color: Rich Turquoise w/ Blue and Amber Streaks  Description: WOW! One of the first things that comes to mind when you see this insulator is "What a Bright Blue amazing color that really catches your eye!" In addition there are even blue and amber swirls, especially prominent in the rear skirt. When placed beside it, a rich, dark Hemingray Blue pales in comparison to this piece! The Blue Zicme insulators are more desirable and less common than the rare Purple examples. 1" chip on the rear wire ridge, 1/4" flake on the skirt in the rear. Salomon Zundel was the founder of Zicme, and the trademark was for Zundel Industria Colombiana Materiales Electricos. Without a doubt, this stunning color will catch your eye, especially with the presence of the blue and amber highlights!
Estimate: $500 - $750  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $1,155

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