Lot 72

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UPDATE: CD 143 {Unembossed Canada}, Blue Purple; Likely has been altered
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Lot 72: CD 143 {Unembossed Canada} [040]  Color: Blue Purple [  UPDATE: This piece has very likely been irradiated and has been withdrawn from the auction. The blue-purple color is unusual and has grape tones, often an indication of irradiated pieces. In view 3 you can see Lot 89 CD 145 W.G.M.CO. in Purple; this item; Lot 88 CD 145 POSTAL in Burgundy Purple; Lot 82 145 BROOKFIELD in Lavender. You can see that this item, compared to the other pieces, does not glow a dull mustard color under a black light. All the legitimate purples we have seen, from light purple to dark purple, glow like that. You can clearly see that this item does not. To us, that's a very strong indication that it has been irradiated. We wanted to include this educational information.]
Estimate: $2 - $3  Open: $1
Price Realized:  Not sold

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