Lot 7

Price Realized:  $4,070
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CD 229.6 {Unembossed} {Fry Glass}, Black Opalescent; Classic Fry glass and a rare CD!
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Lot 7: CD 229.6 {Unembossed} {Fry Glass} [010]  Color: Black Opalescent  Description: This is a product of the W.C. Fry Glass Co. of Rochester, Pennsylvania. Fry produced primarily ovenware, so their glass formula was able to tolerate heat well. There are only four styles of insulators attributed to Fry: CD 164.4, CD 229.6, CD 299.2, and CD 301.2, and they were all unique to Fry! All are scarce and hard to acquire, so it appears Fry did not successfully pursue insulator production. Excellent condition with only a little ding under the wire ridge and a teeny flake on the inner skirt. Don't pass by this rare CD, especially in this outstanding condition; who knows when you will find another?
Estimate: $2,500 - $3,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $4,070

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