Lot 56

Price Realized:  $132
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CD 128.4 HEMINGRAY, Clear; Interesting "big mouth" molding variation!
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Lot 56: CD 128.4 HEMINGRAY [030]  Color: Clear  Description: The "Big Mouth" nickname came from the large "jaws" that were designed to hold a heavy snow load. 1/8" dings on the lower and upper wire ridges, a little roughness around the base. These units were meant to fit on smaller diameter carrier pins and were fitted with brass bushings to ensure perfect threading and to avoid damage when screwed onto a metal pin. Because of the different rates of expansion, there can often be stress lines around the bushing. This example has none. The exact meaning of the "SB" style designation is unknown, although it is likely that the "S" referred to the "steel" pin. In any case, a unique example of a later glass insulator, produced in the late 1930s, that no Hemingray collection should be without!
Estimate: $100 - $125  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $132

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