Lot 5

Price Realized:  $528
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CD 199 EMERALD (PRISM), Bright Blue; Rare and desirable transposition!
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Lot 5: CD 199 EMERALD (PRISM) [010]  Color: Bright Blue  Description: This one-piece transposition has a very nice, well-saturated color! These typically have some damage on the umbrella, as does this one. 1 1/2" area of flaking on the rear that goes up about 1/8", another small 3/8" flake. A couple of little globs of amber add interest! The 1902 C.S. Knowles catalog refers to this as "Emerald Glass", although collectors have always called it "Prism". The 2023 Price Guide was modified to reflect its true tradename of "Emerald". Quite a rare and desirable transposition!
Estimate: $600 - $700  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $528

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