Lot 160

Price Realized:  $66
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CD 319 LOCKE, Blue Aqua; Inexpensive CD variant!
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Lot 160: CD 319 LOCKE [030]  Color: Blue Aqua  Description: This is a large power piece which is 9" in diameter. 3/4" chip/flake and 1/2" bruise on the skirt, 1/4" flake on the sharp inside edge of the umbrella. A molding anomaly leaves a pair of parallel crease lines which at times turn into thin bubbles on the surface. They start on the saddle, go up over the ears, down to the umbrella, affecting some of the "F.M. LOCKE" embossing, and go around the umbrella to the middle of the rear. This may sound interesting, but unfortunately it is disfiguring. 1/2" flake on the ear. If you need a CD 319, the Emerald (Prism) and the Locke are the only known embossings. You can add this piece to your collection for one hundred times less than the Emerald!
Estimate: $25 - $50  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $66

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