Lot 151

Price Realized:  $132
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CD 263 HEMINGRAY, Hemingray Blue w/ Amber Swirls; Colorful with amber swirling in the ears!
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Lot 151: CD 263 HEMINGRAY [030]  Color: Hemingray Blue w/ Amber Swirls  Description: The good news is that there is nice swirling in the ears! The bad news is that it has a fracture around the skirt and over dome. The amber dances around in the ears, and there is a heavier concentration in the right ear. There is a skirt chip about half the width of the base that can be seen above the "HEMINGRAY" embossing. It appears this has been reglued. There is a fracture from the pinhole down to either side of the skirt. 3/4" inner skirt chip. What a stunning piece this would be without the damage! This insulator is embossed with the trade name "Columbia" as well as Samuel Oakman's May 12, 1891 patent for "tie eyes," the feature that makes the Columbia style so unique! The consignor says they paid $25 for this in 1994; what is it worth now?
Estimate: $50 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $132

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