Lot 144

Price Realized:  $242
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CD 257 HEMINGRAY, Clear w/ Steel Mounting Bracket; "as is" and "au-natural" patina!
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Lot 144: CD 257 HEMINGRAY [110]  Color: Clear w/ Steel Mounting Bracket  Description: Here is a CD 257 Mickey, with the original patina, mounted on a steel bracket. The bracket is 3" wide and is significantly larger and heavier than the bracket in lot 184. These massive, heavy-duty brackets were recently recovered from an old steel mill. They were clamped to the rafters and mounted in groups of three. There is so much dirt and grime on the insulator that you can barely tell what it is, but up in the ears you can tell it's clear. It appears to be in great condition. If you like "as found" items, this will be quite an acquisition for you! If you are also a pin and bracket collector, don't forget about the smaller-size bracket in lot 184.
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $242

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