Lot 96

Price Realized:  $1,925
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CD 158.2 BOSTON BOTTLE WORKS, Light Blue w/ Flatworm; Unusual flatworm and friends!
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Lot 96: CD 158.2 BOSTON BOTTLE WORKS [060]  Color: Light Blue w/ Flatworm  Description: What catches your eye is a long and wide impurity that looks like a flatworm with an Olive Amber streak down its back! It starts in the front below the wire groove and runs up, over the pinhole, and back to the wire ridge. Some additional worms dance around in the dome. This is the crown-embossed variant, however the embossing is very weak as is typical of this style. A few flakes on the wire ridge, a few dings here and there, and a 1/2" inner skirt chip. Some chatter on the bottom of the skirt, and the base is worn as if it was used as a paperweight. The colored flatworm over the dome makes this "Boston" insulator unique and desirable!
Estimate: $800 - $1,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $1,925

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