Lot 9

Price Realized:  $4,180
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CD 736.7 {Unembossed}, Dark Teal Green; "Jumbo Pilgrim Hat", seldom seen for sale!
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Lot 9: CD 736.7 {Unembossed} [010]  Color: Dark Teal Green  Description: Nicknamed the "Jumbo Pilgrim Hat," this is a massive insulator that is 5" tall and 4" in diameter, weighing in at an incredible 3 pounds! This is the largest pintype threadless insulator known, and it will stand out in your lineup. It's tough to acquire this style, reportedly found in Rhode Island at river and long distance spans where a stronger, more robust insulator was needed. Although the insulator is dark in color, one can see milky swirls in the skirt. Hard-to-see 2" and 1/4" fractures up from the base, 3/4" and a few smaller flakes on the base, a couple of BB dings. Overall very nice, especially for such a large insulator. CD 736.7 insulators are seldom seen for sale, so don't miss your chance to acquire this rare and historic old beauty!
Estimate: $3,500 - $4,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $4,180

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