Lot 79

Price Realized:  $528
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CD 145 H.G.CO., Blue w/ Seed Bubbles; Far beyond fizz! UPDATE:
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Lot 79: CD 145 H.G.CO. [130]  Color: Blue w/ Seed Bubbles  Description: Look at those bubbles! A couple of large bubbles can be seen in the front surrounded by seed bubbles, giving a jade-like opaqueness to the glass. You may find some insulators with "fizz" in them, but this goes far beyond that, where you can easily see the distinct bubbles. Insulators with fizz typically look translucent when back lit. Here you can see hundreds of bubbles throughout the insulator, creating an unusual appearance. Three 3/8" stress lines [  UPDATE: these should probably be called fractures rather than stress lines as they go all the way through the skirt] up from the base, otherwise very, very near mint. A great addition to your H.G.CO. lineup!
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $528

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