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Price Realized:  $132
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CD 145 BROOKFIELD, Light Blue Aqua; Bullet top, narrow dome variation! UPDATE:
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Lot 66: CD 145 BROOKFIELD [???]  Color: Light Blue Aqua  Description: The "crown-embossed Brookfield" (CREB) specialists call this the "bullet top, narrow dome" variation, which they say is quite uncommon and highly valued. The slope of the crown continues at the same angle as the slope of the skirt, resulting in the narrower crown and more pointed dome. The wire groove is also wider than is typical. [  UPDATE: We can't find a match for this embossing. It is (F-Crown) (Arc)W.BROOKFIELD/NEW YORK. (R-Crown) (Arc)PAT.NOV. 13 1883/FEB.12 1884. {MLOD} Similar to [137] but there is not a period after NEW YORK (may not be considered significant) and not a quote before the patent date on the second line on the rear. If you know this EIN please contact us!] Thanks. 1/8" base flake, 1/4" scuff at the bottom of the skirt, otherwise easily very near mint. "CREB" collectors, take special note of this piece; they are very uncommon!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $132

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