Lot 63

Price Realized:  $143
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CD 143 CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.CO., Blue w/ Milk Swirls and Graphite; Large patch of graphite!
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Lot 63: CD 143 CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.CO. [095]  Color: Blue w/ Milk Swirls and Graphite  Description: You can see milk swirls all the way around the insulator, setting it apart from a typical Blue example! However, what makes it especially unusual is a large area of graphite, covering more than 3/4" by 1/2". It's visible from all angles and a direct view of it can be seen in view 3! 3/8" wire ridge flake, two 1/8" skirt flakes, otherwise easily very near mint. The slug plate makes the script embossing stand out more. This is the variant with the bar in the third "A" missing. There's a lot going on in this piece, but the patch of graphite is what really sets this off from other examples!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $143

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