Lot 59

Price Realized:  $550
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CD 134 PETTINGELL ANDREWS, Blue Aqua; Stretched and distorted!
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Lot 59: CD 134 PETTINGELL ANDREWS [020]  Color: Blue Aqua  Description: Is the insulator on the left a new CD? No, it's a stretched and distorted CD 134! The dome looks like it could have been somewhat twisted, shifted to the left, and certainly stretched up! There are plenty of thick, heavy creases in the wire groove area. Pettingell Andrews was a prominent electrical goods supplier located in Boston, MA. 3/8" lower wire ridge flake, 1/8" ding on the upper wire ridge, some scuffing on the dome, 1/4" clean open bubble on the base. (The normal unit shown on the right is for comparison purposes only!) Pettingell Andrews embossed insulators are hard to find, and this distorted example is quite an oddity for those who appreciate misformed insulators!
Estimate: $300 - $400  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $550

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