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Price Realized:  $3,520
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CD 186.1 HEMINGRAY, Clear; Rarely seen for sale so don't pass this by!
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Lot 4: CD 186.1 HEMINGRAY [010]  Color: Clear  Description: There are very few examples of this unusual style in the hobby. Most were found in one of the Hemingray Glass Company's dumping grounds. This design was granted a patent as a "Combined Spark Gap and Insulator" on January 8, 1946 by A.G. Steinmayer. There are four notches at the base of the pinhole. 1 1/4" square deep slice/chip on the left side removes "-19", 1" square deep flake/chip on the inside of the outer skirt that goes up approximately 1/8" from the base on the right rear. In total, about half of the flange at the top is damaged, and there are three sections that are not affected. For such a rare insulator, there are at least three variants known. Like the rest of the 186 series, they are found in normal and extended skirt styles. In addition, one variant has a "flat" top, and one has a top with concentric rings. This is the "extended skirt, flat top" variant. While there are significant condition issues, you just never see these for sale! This example sold for nearly $1,200 in 1997. Who knows what it will bring now? Don't pass this extremely rare style by!
Estimate: $2,000 - $2,500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $3,520

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