Lot 34

Price Realized:  $209
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CD 120 BROOKE'S, Brooke's Blue; One of three embossed "Brooke's" styles!
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Lot 34: CD 120 BROOKE'S [020]  Color: Brooke's Blue  Description: A "BROOKE'S" pony in Brooke's Blue! The "AUG 14 1883" date on the rear refers to Homer Brooke's patent for "molding screw forms in plastic material." Crudely molded. A couple of 1/4" bubbles and associated flaking on the base, 1/2" base flake, several other smaller areas of base flaking, a little roughness on the upper wire ridge. Three CD's are embossed with the "BROOKE'S" name: CD 120, CD 127.1, and CD 133.1. Complete or add to your set!
Estimate: $125 - $175  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $209

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