Lot 31

Price Realized:  $39
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CD 113 HEMINGRAY, Super Fizzy Aqua; Great color and early "script" embossing!
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Lot 31: CD 113 HEMINGRAY [130]  Color: Super Fizzy Aqua  Description: Super Fizz, with the early and desirable script embossing! The fizz gives this piece a jade-like appearance, though it remains distinct enough to stand out. A couple of 1" factory stress lines, 3/4" bruise and about 5 missing drip points, 1/8" wire ridge flake. This example is less common and more fizzy than your typical fizzy Hemingray No 9. Quite an unusual and attractive insulator, especially for the Hemingray No 12 collector!
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $39

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