Lot 26

Price Realized:  $220
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CD 113 "Braille", Milky Dark Purple; Much better condition than many!
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Lot 26: CD 113 "Braille" [010]  Color: Milky Dark Purple  Description: Although quite dark, one can still see the color when backlit. The milky swirls produce a jade-like effect in many areas. The nickname "Braille" comes from the somewhat random raised dots on the skirt. The skirt and base of "Brailles" often have significant damage; this is much better than nearly all of them with perhaps a half dozen chipped drip points and no other base damage. 1/2" area of roughness and 1/8" flake on the wire ridge, a couple of fisheyes. Quite a nice example, especially in this condition!
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $220

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