Lot 193

Price Realized:  $50
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U-148 (Dome) [Large 'S'] {Pittsburg product}, Brown w/ Cream Area; Who knows what the "S" is for?
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Lot 193: U-148 (Dome) [Large 'S'] {Pittsburg product}  Color: Brown w/ Cream Area  Description: This very unusual piece may be one-of-a-kind; a large 'S' is deeply inscribed in the dome. The width of the stroke is over 1/4" and the overall height of the letter is nearly 1 1/2". This could have been the result of some mischief by a factory worker before the piece was glazed and fired. Why this was done, or what it stands for, will remain a mystery, but it makes for a great conversation piece! 1/2" inner skirt chip, small flake on the base. Some nice mottling of the glaze can be seen on the dome. It's hard to put an estimate on this piece!
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $50

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