Lot 180

Price Realized:  $121
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CD 154 ZICME {Colombia}, Lavender; Crude example in an attractive and less common color!
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Lot 180: CD 154 ZICME {Colombia}  Color: Lavender  Description: The Zicme insulators are crudely made and there is a lot of variation in size. This example is quite squatty, with a narrower wire groove and a shorter dome. If you just took a quick glance, you would think "Is this really a CD 154?" 3/8" wire ridge flake, 1/2" inner skirt flake. The "Zicme" trademark stands for Zundel Industria Colombiana Materiales Electricos, and Salomon Zundel was the founder of Zicme. Lavender examples of the CD 154 Zicme are a lot less common than the Purple units, adding to the interest. The shape and the attractive color should stand out in your lineup of Zicme insulators!
Estimate: $200 - $250  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $121

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