Lot 156

Price Realized:  $1,430
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CD 307 HEMINGRAY, Blue Aqua; Less common "Viking Helmet" style!
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Lot 156: CD 307 HEMINGRAY [010]  Color: Blue Aqua  Description: Nicknamed the "Viking Helmet" for its well-pronounced ears. The base on these is often damaged. There is no chipping on the outside of the base other than from a 1/2" chip. Three 1/2" slices on the inside of the outer skirt and about a 2" wide bruise. 1/2" bruise on the innermost skirt. Aside from the condition of the base, the rest of the insulator is in very good condition with no chips or noteworthy damage, and most of the significant condition issues are not visible from the front. Overall, not bad as these pieces go. The last one we auctioned soared to over $2,000 but we'll put a more conservative estimate on this piece! A less common Hemingray style that is getting harder and harder to find!
Estimate: $800 - $1,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $1,430

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