Lot 142

Price Realized:  $165
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CD 219 HEMINGRAY, Clear w/ Treated Top; Tough Hemingray variant!
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Lot 142: CD 219 HEMINGRAY [040]  Color: Clear w/ Treated Top  Description: The treated top insulators most likely came out of the Hemingray dump, and there is some associated minor etching and a few little pings. Overall in great condition for one of these dump pieces! The saddle and the pinhole were treated with a semi-conductive material that was believed to have been designed to reduce radio frequency interference. This treatment was applied to Hemingray's 600-series of 660 (CD 219), 670 (CD 220), and 680(CD 221) and this insulator was produced in 1940. The treatment apparently had little success, because few if any were put into service. Now's your chance to own this tough Hemingray variant!
Estimate: $250 - $300  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $165

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