Lot 126

Price Realized:  $209
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CD 154 WHITALL TATUM, Light Aqua w/ Iridizing; Desirable coloration and wonderful condition!
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Lot 126: CD 154 WHITALL TATUM [050]  Color: Light Aqua w/ Iridizing  Description: Here's an interesting CD 154! Whitall Tatum experimented with various coatings, including the typical bright Carnival as well as the iridized coating you see on this example. The coloration is more subtle but still can be seen when front lit on a black background which also gives it an unusual translucent effect. The iridized items are also found in Clear, but the Light Aqua coloration gives the insulator a bit more presence. Wonderful condition, and the iridizing makes it a very desirable addition for the advanced Whitall Tatum collector!
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $209

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