Lot 125

Price Realized:  $286
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CD 196 H.G.CO., Blue Aqua w/ Milk Swirls; Uncommon swirls and great condition!
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Lot 125: CD 196 H.G.CO. [010]  Color: Blue Aqua w/ Milk Swirls  Description: Milky H.G.CO.'s are quite uncommon. This insulator features milky swirls spiraling all the way around the insulator from the skirt to the dome! Not only that, but these transpositions often have slices on the umbrella and damaged drip points. This example has only 3 chipped drip points on the umbrella, a teeny flake on one drip point on the base and a little scratch on the rear. By itself, that puts it way near the top condition-wise for a CD 196. When you add in the milk swirls, you get an insulator that's hard to beat! For condition and color, this is the transposition for you!
Estimate: $500 - $600  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $286

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