Lot 121

Price Realized:  $55
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CD 162 LYNCHBURG, Blue w/ Milk Swirls; Unusual character, unlisted embossing, wonderful condition!
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Lot 121: CD 162 LYNCHBURG [090]  Color: Blue w/ Milk Swirls  Description: It's unusual to see these with milky swirls! The swirls are best seen base lit. For the specialty collector, this is the variation with "BROOKFIELD" blotted out on the rear skirt, and you can very clearly see the "D" from that blot out. However, there is also the mold number "6" on the rear skirt and the combination of the two doesn't seem to be listed in the 2023 Price Guide. The drip points are perfect and the rest of the insulator is very, very near mint. Unusual color, unlisted embossing, and wonderful condition make this a very desirable insulator.
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $55

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