Lot 98

Price Realized:  $99
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CD 145 HARLOE (HAWLEY), Blue Aqua w/ White Glob; Huge swath of sparkly white!
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Lot 98: CD 145 HARLOE (HAWLEY) [010]  Color: Blue Aqua w/ White Glob  Description: The huge swath of impurity, up to 1" wide, runs from the base to the wire groove! The heaviest concentration at the lower wire ridge looks like the sparkling snow found in some of the Electric Blue CD 257 Mickey Mouse insulators. There are also traces of the impurity in the skirt and the dome. 1" bruise and 3/8" ding/flake at the rear of the right mold line. An overpour creates a little flaking of the base flange, otherwise, the piece is easily very near mint. The size and density of the fantastic impurity make this insulator especially desirable!
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $99

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