Lot 89

Price Realized:  $50
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CD 145 BROOKFIELD, Light Aqua; Uncommon embossing variant with "ER" for "Erie Railroad"!
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Lot 89: CD 145 BROOKFIELD [060]  Color: Light Aqua  Description: This is the uncommon variant with "ER" boldly embossed in large letters on the skirt! The rest of the embossing can be read easily. Shop number 22 on the rear crown for the specialist. 1/4" scratch on the rear, 1/4" inner skirt flake, small flake affects most of the "T" in "PATD"; not really bad overall. This should be of special interest to Brookfield collectors!
Estimate: $30 - $40  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $50

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