Lot 59

Price Realized:  $165
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CD 131.4 DEC. 19, 1871, Light Blue Aqua; Zigzagging milk worm!
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Lot 59: CD 131.4 DEC. 19, 1871 [010]  Color: Light Blue Aqua  Description: This is one of the four known mold styles for this insulator, as uniquely identified by the chunks of mold which are missing from the upper wire ridge in the front and rear. A nice milk worm winds around the front of the skirt and zigzags up and down on the rear skirt. Strong embossing with well-pronounced mold lines. 3/4" skirt bruise, 1/2" skirt flake, otherwise about very near mint. A nice, old classic Hemingray telegraph style!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $165

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