Lot 56

Price Realized:  $297
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CD 126.3 A.U., Rich Green; Stunning dome glass in this American Union style!
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Lot 56: CD 126.3 A.U. [030]  Color: Rich Green  Description: A well-saturated, rich Green color! The short-lived American Union Telegraph Company used the CD 126.3 style, which is known as the "American Union" (A.U.) or the "American Union Pattern" style. Even after the company merged with Western Union, the style was still marketed with the name of the former company. This example was produced by Hemingray, and it bears their "DEC 19, 1871" patent date. 1/4" flake/bruise on the wire ridge, 1/4" fisheye and some hairline annealing lines on the dome, flashover on the front, otherwise very near mint. A neat underpour can be seen on the left front, going over to the right rear. The stunning dome glass really shows off the color!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $297

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