Lot 55

Price Realized:  $231
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CD 126.3 (Dome) X, Yellow Green; American Union (A.U.) style in an unusual color!
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Lot 55: CD 126.3 (Dome) X [010]  Color: Yellow Green  Description: {Oakman style threads} The short-lived American Union Telegraph Company utilized the CD 126.3 style, which is known as the "American Union" (A.U.) or the "American Union Pattern" style. Similar in shape to the CD 126, the CD 126.3 has a pointed, bullet shape above the wire groove. 1/8" ding and associated 3/4" fracture on the skirt, some flakes and dings here and there, a little high-point wear. This old "A.U." style insulator has a very distinctive and unusual color!
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $231

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