Lot 36

Price Realized:  $440
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CD 121 AM.TEL.& TEL.CO., Snowy Light Aqua; Rare embossing plus snow!
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Lot 36: CD 121 AM.TEL.& TEL.CO. [120]  Color: Snowy Light Aqua  Description: An "AM.TEL.& TEL." toll with drip points! This is a rare embossing variation by itself, but this piece does it one better as it's filled with snow! An impressive display when base lit. Even when backlit one can see the jadey appearance, and the low pinhole creates a "snow globe" effect. The "prism style" embossing, stylized ampersand, and drip points leave no doubt that this was produced by Hemingray. A few chipped drip points, otherwise easily very near mint. See lot 35 for the smooth base variety and lot 37 for a great milky piece. Combine the rarity of the embossing with the stunning display of snow and you have one fantastic insulator!
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $440

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