Lot 194

Price Realized:  $352
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U-2097 {Unmarked} {Vietnam}, White Porcelain; Large and super crude!
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Lot 194: U-2097 {Unmarked} {Vietnam}  Color: White Porcelain  Description: A large and super crude power piece, towering 6" tall with the T-bar spanning 6 1/2" wide. It is interesting to note that the T-bar does not have the wire grooves that the T-bars from France have. The drippy, rough texture of the glaze gives some insight as to the crudeness of the original unglazed shape. The steel pin is cut off about 1/2" below the skirt, but we are offering the insulator with a wooden stand so it can be displayed easily. It's hard to put an estimate on this insulator as we haven't seen another one!
Estimate: $300 - $400  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $352

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