Lot 184

Price Realized:  $176
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CD 688.1 L'ELECTRO VERRE {France}, Green; Unusual "Robot" style combines the fuse and T-bar!
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Lot 184: CD 688.1 L'ELECTRO VERRE {France}  Color: Green  Description: This popular and interesting style is nicknamed the "Robot". It is a cross between two typical French designs, and is one of the more unique styles. It has the cockscomb with the two through-holes of a fuse insulator as well as the extended arms of the "T-Bar" insulator. These are often found in a more drab green color, but this example has a nice green coloration. 1/2" chip on the end of the left arm and some scuffing down the front of the insulator. No other real damage to report. One may also find some fractures around the bolt holes on the top, but these are clean. Overall, this larger "Robot" is 5 5/8" tall. The unusual style will stand out in your collection!
Estimate: $200 - $250  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $176

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