Lot 148

Price Realized:  $66
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CD 201 HEMINGRAY, Aqua; A "transition" embossing in great condition!
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Lot 148: CD 201 HEMINGRAY [040]  Color: Aqua  Description: This old style transposition insulator was originally embossed "H.G. CO." and manufactured with a smooth base. Over the years, drip points and the associated patent date of May 2, 1893 were added, and the embossing was changed to "HEMINGRAY." While these aren't too hard to obtain, finding them without chips, slices, or damaged drip points can be difficult. The drip points are perfect, there is a tiny flake, smaller than a pinhead, on the rear skirt, and 2 very hard-to-see stress lines at the top of the pinhole. It is interesting to note that the embossing on the front skirt is stamped, while the rear embossing is the more crude "prism style" with the "loopy 2". A very nice example!
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $66

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