Lot 145

Price Realized:  $462
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CD 186.2 HEMINGRAY, Clear; Sometimes you feel like a "Nut"!
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Lot 145: CD 186.2 HEMINGRAY [010]  Color: Clear  Description: This insulator has a six-sided nut embedded in the dome. It is similar to the CD 186.1, which was illustrated in a 1946 patent as a spark gap insulator. Many of these have stress fractures all around the nut, and this one is no exception. Three 1/4" inner skirt chips and 1/8" wire ridge flake, otherwise easily very near mint. Overall, not bad for a "nut". The dome is tilted to the left, adding interest to this already unique style. A great addition for the Hemingray specialist!
Estimate: $750 - $900  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $462

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