Lot 101

Price Realized:  $33
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CD 151 H.G.CO., Aqua; Take off the drip points and blot out the patent date!
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Lot 101: CD 151 H.G.CO. [170]  Color: Aqua  Description: This piece has unusual embossing, with the "PATd MAY 2 1893" drip points patent date blotted out. Rather than sharp drip points, the insulator has a smooth base. No chipped drip points! One has to wonder why Hemingray removed their patented drip points; perhaps it was a special order. Three 1/8" base flakes, 1/8" wire ridge flake, otherwise easily very near mint. An unusual embossing that's harder to come by!
Estimate: $25 - $50  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $33

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