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Price Realized:  $3,410
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CD 1006 {No embossing} {Cap only}, Ice Green w/ Milk Swirl; Super-rare cap for a CD 1006 block!
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Lot 1: CD 1006 {No embossing} {Cap only} [020]  Color: Ice Green w/ Milk Swirl  Description: This cap goes on top of the CD 1006 glass block. 2 7/8" long, 1" wide, 5/8" tall. The cap sat on top of the glass block. The projections on either side of the cap and the glass block fit into a corresponding groove in the crossarm. A piece of wood was attached over the top so the wire was fully insulated on all sides and couldn't pop out of the glass block. 1/4" flake and a little roughness along the edges. To top it off, there is some swirled milk in the shape of an angel. The photo has been slightly darkened to show some of the detail more clearly. The CD 1006 blocks are one of the oldest insulator styles and very rare by themselves, and the cap is even less common. Your glass block isn't complete without this cap!
Estimate: $1,500 - $2,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $3,410

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