Lot 2

Price Realized:  $462
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CD 107 GAYNER, Aqua; This is NOT a CD 106! It's the rare CD 107!
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Lot 2: CD 107 GAYNER  Color: Aqua  EIN: [030]  Description: Do not confuse this with a CD 106! The more pronounced wire ridges and the square wire groove are two of the major differentiating factors. 1 chipped drip point with associated 1/4" bruise, a second chipped drip point, otherwise very, very near mint. If you are a CD collector looking for the rarest of each CD, this one's for you! It is, of course, also an outstanding and necessary piece for a Gayner specialist!
Estimate: $750 - $1,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $462

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